When To Call Us

Many business owners think that their network infrastructure decisions can wait until most of the construction is completed. We need to be involved as soon as you start talking to an electrician about your electrical needs. We work directly with the electrician to make sure you have all your outlets for your phones, computers, and other network equipment where need them.

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How To Select a Vendor

Make sure your vendor is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. There are many low voltage providers that are working illegally. Diversified Communications Solutions Inc., Ltd. has a contractor's license, which is required for installing low voltage cabling, licensed, bonded, and insured. We have been servicing Las Vegas since 1988 and have a solid reputation for doing what we say we will do.

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What Are Your Needs?

When you are designing your network infrastructure you need to determine where you will need voice, data, and fiber now and for future growth. Determine where you will have printers, security, music, computers, and telephones. What are your plans for growth in the future? Installing all the infrastructure when you first designing and building will save you time and money in the long run.

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Why us?

Diversified Communications Solutions Inc., Ltd. stresses attention to detail and customer service from project inception to project completion. With the help of our experienced technical staff and company wide focus on quality, Diversified Communications Solutions Inc., Ltd. is able to provide you with consultation, engineering, installation, and maintenance services to meet all of your technology system needs.

Existing Clients include, but not limited to: State of Nevada since 2002; Homeland Security; Property Managers; Developers; Small and medium size business owners; Construction project sites (trailers and offices); Retail; Manufacturers; National Vendors